AlphaTauri's New Potential Name Identified

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 17 January 2024 at 15:00
ricciardo daniel alphatauri car rbcp2
AlphaTauri team is set to change its identity going into 2024. A part of the change will be a new name, part of which leaked a while ago. Now, new updates have surfaced that outline the full name.
AlphaTauri team has been planning a change for a while. The team has been known for a long time as Red Bull's junior team, but everything is about to change from 2024 onwards.
The Italian team now identifies as the "sister team" of the current Championship leader, Red Bull Racing, and plans to move closer to the team from Milton Keynes.
AlphaTauri plans to take advantage of its sister relationship with Red Bull by outsourcing more parts on their car from the Championship leader.
This is supposed to boost the team's performance. Moreover, the team will have a more experienced driver lineup from now on. In 2024, it will be Daniel Ricciardo alongisde Yuki Tsunoda.
AlphaTauri has struggled in seasons 2022 and 2023 and hopes to turn things around with these significant changes. The team will also have a new team principal - Laurent Mekies,
A big part of the team's rebrand will also be the new name. The team will no longer carry the name of Red Bull's fashion brand, AlphaTauri.
The official announcement of the team's new name is supposed to come shortly ahead of the start of the 2024 season - perhaps during the team's season launch.
However, the main part of the name has been leaked a while ago. Red Bull GmbH apparently trademarked the name "Racing Bulls" earlier in 2023 and it was suggested that this would be the new identity of AlphaTauri.
Moreover, observed the website domain has recently been redirecting to
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