Alonso With Same 'Butterflies' Ahead Of Season 2024 Even After 20 Years Of Experience

by Adam OndrikSunday, 28 January 2024 at 09:00
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Fernando Alonso revealed that the excitement and anticipation ahead of the season are the same for him even after 20 seasons of experience in Formula 1.
Aston Martin F1 team just released a new video that detailed the first day of the year 2024 in the factory for both Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll.
After a short holiday during the winter break, it was time to get back to work. Even though drivers don't play as essential a role in this part of the year as when the season starts, they still have a lot of work.
In the new video, the Spanish Matador revealed he always feels great excitement at this part of the year. It is usually around this time that teams are finishing their cars and know how much progress they've made, but they still have to wait for direct comparison to their rivals.

"The first day of 2024 is quite an interesting day and quite an emotional day. Even if it's [my] 21st season in F1, it's still the same adrenaline. It's really quite a unique time of the season these first couple of weeks in January. It's no different after a few years, and I still have these butterflies."

The day in the factory shown in the video consisted mainly of meeting the people and then driving many, many (more than 100) laps on the simulator with various setups the team is considering for their new car.

"The first day back in the car and back in the factory, it was important to meet the people and say happy new year and get ready for the season."

While Aston Martin's team principal tried to temper expectations a while ago, the double World Champion hinted everybody within his team seemed positive in relation to the development of the new car and preparations for the new season.

"Everything seems ready, everyone seems optimistic, so I'm happy to see that. 2023 has been an incredible season, and 2024 is gonna be even better."