Another New Race? F1 Trademarks Name Of Potential Grand Prix In United States

by Adam OndrikSunday, 28 January 2024 at 07:00
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Formula 1 reportedly just trademarked the name of a potential new Grand Prix in the United States, which would probably be a street circuit.
In 2023, Formula One had three Grand Prix races in the United States for the first time in a very long period. It is clear the sport is expanding and trying to reach more of the American audience.
The United States represents a large and diverse audience. The American market is home to many huge corporations that might be interested in collaborating with F1 in case of significant growth in their market.
The ultimate goal of F1, just like any other business, is to increase revenue from sponsorships, advertising, and merchandising. Expanding to the U.S. seems to be the best way to achieve this.
Over the course of the last two seasons, two new circuits in the United States joined the Formula 1 calendar - the Miami Grand Prix and the Las Vegas Grand Prix.
Now, it seems there is a small potential for another race that would take place in the United States - The Grand Prix of Chicago or the Chicago Grand Prix.
Formula 1 has just registered several trademarks for the potential name of the new Grand Prix. Does this mean we will get a race in Chicago in the near future? Not necessarily.
However, it suggests it definitely is something F1 is considering at the moment, and we might hear more about it in the future.
F1 just announced a new addition to the calendar from season 2026 - Madrid Circuit. If the number of races doesn't increase, some of the currently held events will have to be replaced.
The same would go for the Chicago Grand Prix if it turned out to be a more serious project in upcoming years. Which existing Grand Prix would you like to see replaced by the potential new street circuit in Chicago?