Albon In Talks With Half Of Grid Including Ferrari According To Barretto

by Adam OndrikSunday, 28 January 2024 at 13:00
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F1 presenter Lawrence Barretto revealed Alex Albon is in talks with multiple teams, including Ferrari, ahead of the season 2024.
Ale Albon single-handedly secured a P7 in the Championship for his Williams Racing team in 2023, which made an impression on many of the team principals.
Williams was a team with a car that was not supposed to be in seventh place in the Constructors' Championship, as the team abandoned their 2023 development as soon as the season began.
However, the Thai driver maximized the car and showed he is now ready for and deserves a place in a team that would allow him to compete for podiums on a regular basis.
Eight out of the teams on the grid might have an empty seat after the end of the season 2024, and Albon is currently considered a "hot property" on the driver market. Lawrence Barretto wrote for the official Formula 1 website:

"Albon and his team are believed to have been involved in talks with at least half of the grid about a move in the future, with two teams – Alpine and Haas – having been keen on his services for 2023."

Alex Albon said he believes he deserves to fight for the podiums and race wins now, suggesting he should be eyeing one of the top five teams.

"Ferrari are understood to be one of the interested parties, while my sources say Red Bull engineers rate him highly. It’s quite the turnaround for the Thai driver, who had to fight to get back on the grid after being dropped by Red Bull in 2020.:

Two of the top five teams are already full. Mercedes has both drivers signed for at least until the end of the season in 2025. McLaren has Oscar Piastri until the end of 2026 and Lando Norris at least until the end of 2027.
So Red Bull, Aston Martin, and Ferrari remain. Red Bull might potentially be a good place for Albon, but the team might prefer Daniel Ricciardo, who is believed to top their list of potential Sergio Perez replacements.
Aston Martin saw a big turnaround with the double World Champion, and it was suggested the team is very keen on prolonging his contract.
And then there is Ferrari, which extended Charles Leclerc's contract just a few days ago. The Italian team has another spot, and it is not clear whether the team will or won't sign Carlos Sainz.
Out of all the teams mentioned above, the Prancing Horse seems like the most likely option for Albon, but what do you think? Where would you like to see the 27-year-old?