2023 Season Was 'Devastating' For Formula 1 According To Jordan

by Adam OndrikMonday, 05 February 2024 at 02:00
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Former owner of an F1 team, Eddie Jordan, suggested that the most recent season has been "devastating" for Formula 1.
The 2023 season has been great when we consider how closely all of the ten teams were matched throughout the whole year, and mainly towards the end of it.
However, there was one big problem. Red Bull Racing won 21 out of 22 races. We have seen many exciting battles on track, all the action we could have wished for, but it all felt a bit incomplete for many fans without a proper fight for the Championship. Eddie Jordan said on the Flat Chat podcast:

"I think [2023 was] quite devastating for Formula 1. Brilliant for Red Bull, but devastating for Formula 1 because here we are [reflecting] on Max’s 19th grand prix [win] of the season."

Even Christian Horner suggested the 2023 season will go down as the most dominant year that Formula One has ever seen. A less exciting battle for the Championship means a less attractive season.
The less attractive season results in less interest from fans. On the one hand, there are the fans who have been with F1 for years and know the 2023 season was actually very exciting despite being dominated by all the teams.

"There have been a few commentators – even in America – talking about the fact that Formula 1 has built this crescendo, but there’s now a threat hanging over it because the dyed-in-the-wool fans, the fanbase who really understand Formula 1 and have followed it for years and years and years will stick with it through thick and thin."

On the other hand, the new generation of fans that may have started watching F1 because of its Netflix series might not stick around for long.

"Whereas the more transitory fans who have come into perhaps in the last two years may just suddenly now start to find that it isn’t compelling enough to make them want to watch all the races and indeed, in this case, turn up to Miami, Austin, Las Vegas and actually buy some tickets."

Fortunately, we know this period of Red Bull's dominance won't last forever and might end even during the upcoming 2024 season,
Moreover, F1 just recieved a huge boost in terms of media press when it was announced that Lewis Hamilton will be leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari ahead of the season 2025.
This brings in a lot of excitement as fans can't wait to see the seven-time World Champion in the red, competing against Charles Leclerc and his former team to achieve his next title with Scuderia.