Verstappen Could Join Rival Team After Possible Red Bull Exit Says Steiner

Thursday, 28 March 2024 at 12:00
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Guenther Steiner revealed the team that he believes would be the most likely destination for Max Verstappen if he decided to leave Red Bull.
Triple World Champion Max Verstappen is said to not be happy with the current situation inside the Red Bull Racing team. Though he hasn't spoken about it again, he has previously threatened to leave the Austrian F1 team.
In recent weeks, many have discussed where the 26-year-old would go. Ferrari had just signed two drivers until at least 2026, and McLaren had also locked two drivers for some time.
That leaves the Flying Dutchman with only two options from the top five teams: either Mercedes or Aston Martin. Asked where he would expect him to go, Guenther Steiner told Sky Sports:

"I think everyone in Formula 1 at the moment is interested in Max Verstappen. It's more about where he wants to go."

While the talks are mainly about Mercedes, Aston Martin might also have great potential when F1 enters new regulations in 2026.
Aston Martin will collaborate with Red Bull's current supplier of power units, Honda, which means the British team will no longer be a Mercedes customer team.
That could significantly diminish Aston's chances of competing for the Championship. However, many people still mostly associate the triple World Champion with Mercedes, and Steiner agrees.

"It could be Mercedes, who obviously have got a free seat with Lewis going to Ferrari. Aston Martin as well is a possibility, but I think if Max goes somewhere, I guess he would go to Mercedes."

Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff also lately confirmed he is waiting for the 26-year-old to decide within the upcoming weeks, as he clarified Verstappen is on top of his potential driver list. Do you believe that Verstappen would leave Red Bull? If yes, where do you see him?