Verstappen Reveals His 'Only Request' For Red Bull As He Might Finish His Career There

Friday, 31 May 2024 at 14:00
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Red Bull's number one driver, Max Verstappen, revealed in a recent interview what he wants to see from his team to be motivated to stay.
Red Bull dominated F1 for the last two seasons, and at the beginning of 2024, it seemed like the team could easily go on for another two at least.
However, the team struggles with internal conflicts and a power struggle, which were only emphasized by the controversy surrounding their team principal at the start of the season, seem to be complicating everything for the Austrian team.
Although we don't hear about it that much at the moment, the team apparently still hasn't completely moved on. Max Verstappen told The Guardian how he deals with the situation:

"We just have to deal with it and move on from it. I am contracted to the team to do my job, that's performance, that's what I am focused on."

"I am not a politician, I am not someone who likes to be political. I just focus on the performance with the people around me, try to distract myself from, let's say, the negative."

Other teams can sense that the Dutchman isn't completely satisfied with his situation and have started courting him with very lucrative offers.
It was speculated for a while that the 26-year-old was seriously considering a change to Mercedes, and although Toto Wolff keeps saying "anything is possible," the Dutchman says he would like to stay with Red Bull. He only has one request:

"I am quite a loyal person and it is something that means a lot to me. That is what I request from the team, and so far, that has always been great, and that is what I want to keep for a long time."

"It would be amazing to finish my career here at Red Bull. All the years staying basically at one team would be incredible."