Verstappen Highlights His Team Amid Questions Over Red Bull Future

Sunday, 10 March 2024 at 15:00
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After winning the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was asked whether he would consider leaving Red Bull before his contract expires in 2028, and he didn't respond clearly.
The triple World Champion was asked about potential exit already ahead of the weekend when it was rumored he might be on his way out of Red Bull after his father's statements.
Back then, Verstappen clarified he had no reason to leave, and his intention was to stay with the team. However, just a day after that, it was suggested Helmut Marko might be suspended.
Verstappen is known to have a very close relationship with the 80-year-old. When approached with the news about Marko's possible exit, the Dutchman said it might be a problem for Red Bull and indicated that he would follow the 80-year-old.
Now, back to the present, Verstappen was asked again whether he would consider leaving the team from Milton Keynes before his contract expires at the end of 2028, and he said:

"I would say that what is most important is that we work together as a team and that everyone keeps the peace."

"I think that is what we can agree upon so hopefully from now onwards, that is fully the case and everyone is trying to focus in the same direction."

What is incredible is that the whole Red Bull Racing F1 team has performed brilliantly throughout this period of friction despite many distractions. Verstappen takes that as a positive, as he added:

"I think the positive out of all of this is that it didn't hurt our performances, so it is a very strong team, also mentally, not just from the driver side, but the engineers, the mechanics and everyone is there do their jobs.

"Even when there is stuff going on or whatever, they're just very focused on their job as they should be."