Verstappen Admits To 'Consciously Ignoring' F1 News In His Free Time

by Erik VirostkoWednesday, 31 January 2024 at 01:00
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Max Verstappen has recently admitted that he consciously avoids seeing F1 news during his free time.
As an athlete, the Dutch driver has to pay a lot of attention to his mental health, and one of the most advised things is avoiding social media. There are multiple reasons for it, and Verstappen is aware of that.
Often, the drivers can find any kind of news or comments about themselves, which they probably didn't want to read, and as one of the favourites to win the championship in 2024, Verstappen would likely find a lot.
The 26-year-old driver is therefore making one conscious decision, and that's ignoring Formula 1-related accounts or content, prompting algorithm to stop showing it to him.
For the Red Bull driver it's a decision, which helps him to keep himself away from the sport during his free time, something that is necessary to keep the important work-life balance.

"I don't follow very many Formula 1-related accounts or people anyway. I consciously ignore a lot of Formula 1 news, then at a certain point it no longer appears in my timeline."

While avoiding F1 news and accounts related to the sport, the Dutchman still follows many athletes, but those that compete in different sports. For example, as he said in an interview with, he's a big PSV fan, and that's likely one of the accounts he follows.
However, Verstappen doesn't really have a need to know what's going on in the paddock while he's not there, and the decision to avoid those accounts makes it easier for him, as the posts don't show up on his feed anymore.

"Actually, I only follow other sports and athletes, also to gain balance in my life. I don't want to know everything - especially when I'm at home - about what's going on in the paddock."