Top 3 Races We Look Forward To In 2024

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 30 January 2024 at 01:00
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The 2024 season will feature 30 races- 24 Grand Prix races and six Sprint Races. Here are the top 3 races we look forward to this year.
Last season (2023), the ten teams in F1 were more closely matched than ever before. With the promise of the top teams catching up to Red Bull, 2024 is set to be even better. This brings us to the first Grand Prix we look forward to.

#3 - Bahrain Grand Prix

The Bahrain Grand Prix is the first race of the season. It will take place on March 2nd, which is now almost only a month away.
The reason why we look forward to this race is it will be here that we find out just how competitive all of the teams on the grid are. All the anticipation that was building up throughout the winter break led to the first race of the season at Bahrain International Circuit.
Will Red Bull keep their advantage over the closest rivals in the top five, or will someone stand up to the team from Milton Keynes already in Bahrain? Only 33 days remain until we find out.

#2 - British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix is the only one that has been the part of F1 calendar in every single season ever since the inception of the series in 1950. The British Grand Prix takes place at Silverstone Circuit, which is the fourth fastest track in the calendar based on average speed.
Moreover, the long fast corners that dominate this circuit lend themselves very well to racing. We can be sure the 2024 British Grand Prix will be packed with action just as every single year.
Silverstone is loved by both drivers and F1 fans and is one of the few traditional circuits in the F1 calendar. The British Grand Prix will take place exactly 159 days from the time of posting this article.

#1 - Las Vegas Grand Prix

Las Vegas Grand Prix saw its inaugural race last season. Though it initially received an immense amount of criticism, the race proved to be one of the most thrilling in the season.
Las Vegas Grand Prix offers beautiful scenery with F1 cars flying down Las Vegas Boulevard, and the Las Vegas Strip Circuit itself contains multiple sections that lend themselves very well to overtaking.
The race in the Sin City offers an incredible show to F1 fans both on and off the track. This Grand Prix is the antepenultimate race of 2024 and will take place in 298 days from the time of posting this article.