Steiner Asserts Dominance Of One F1 Team Will End Soon

Thursday, 01 February 2024 at 03:00
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Former team principal Guenther Steiner shared his opinion, saying Max Verstappen's dominance on Red Bull will end soon.
Max Verstappen and Red Bull completely took over F1 over the last two seasons with their utter dominance. Moreover, even without bringing upgrades to their car, Red Bull still finished the 2023 season with a pace advantage over their rivals.
An argument could be made Red Bull is so far ahead that no team will be able to catch up with them within the next two years. However, Guenther Steiner sees it differently. He told Autosport International Show:

"That will end. This is a period in my opinion… I think the teams next year, some of them will catch up. Look at what McLaren did last year, they caught up pretty quick."

According to McLaren's team principal, there are currently four teams equipped with what they need to compete against Red Bull in 2024.
Christian Horner already mentioned quite a few times he expects his team to start hitting the top of the development curve, which should allow others to catch up. Steiner also believes the team from Milton Keynes might reach the limit soon.

"Any race it can come that somebody catches up because the regulations stayed stable, there is a limit [on] what you can develop and it’s just [that] everybody’s going to that point."

However, even if nobody was able to go toe to toe with Red Bull during the upcoming two seasons, it is pretty much almost guaranteed we will see the F1 grid reshuffled in 2026. The former team principal added:

"Then, for sure, in 2026 I think the cars are even newer, with the new regulations, engine regulations, [so] there will be a complete change in everything in 2026 in my opinion. I think the sport will stay interesting."