Schumacher Receives Massive Boost From Ocon

by Adam OndrikSunday, 11 February 2024 at 00:00
schumacher mick mercedes
Mick Schumacher received high praise from Esteban Ocon, who asserted he deserved a seat in Formula One.
Mick Schumacher got his opportunity in F1 in 2021 when he joined Haas to race alongside Nikita Mazepin. However, that was a bit of an unfortunate choice in terms of timing for the German driver, as Haas lagged behind everyone very significantly that year.
In 2022, the team was in a better position, but the 24-year-old didn't show enough to persuade any of the teams on the grid he would be worthy of their seat. Ocon told the media during Alpine's launch:

"Yes, he does deserve a place in Formula 1, that is clear. Because he’s proved, he’s Formula 3 champion, Formula 2 champion."

On the other hand, a couple of Formula 2 World Champions are waiting on the sidelines at the moment who haven't even gotten their first chance in F1 yet. Nevertheless, Ocon suggested Schumacher is one of the most talented drivers out there.

"He’s had two years in the back of the midfield car, you need time to prove yourself in F1, learn things and for sure he deserves a seat in F1. He’s one of the most talented drivers out there and for sure deserves it."

In 2023, Schumacher became a reserve driver for Mercedes, and in 2024, he will continue in this role while racing for Alpine in the WEC (World Endurance Championship). Ocon continued:

"It’s fantastic for the Alpine Endurance team first of all. To have Mick I think he’s bringing a lot of experience, expertise and he’s obviously a very, very talented driver in general".

It might be important to mention that Ocon and Schumacher are very, very good friends, and they even spent a New Year's Eve together. In this context, we might expect the Frenchman to compliment his friend.
What do you think? Does the young German deserve another chance in F1, or would you rather give this opportunity to somebody else?