Sainz Teases His Decision Over 2025 Team 'Could Be' Made This Week

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 10:00
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Following his home race in Barcelona, Carlos Sainz suggested he might make the final decision about his 2025 seat this week before the Austrian Grand Prix.
Considering Sainz initially wanted to have his contract (with Ferrari) signed before the first race of the season so that he wouldn't have to worry about his future while racing, he is taking a lot of time to make that final decision.
After the tenth round of the 2024 season (almost halfway through), the Spaniard still didn't have a contract in his hand and was technically unemployed for 2025.
Of course, Sainz is currently the most lucrative driver on the market, and all the teams that have not committed to both drivers have apparently expressed interest in and offered him contracts.
Speaking to the Spanish show El Hormiguero's ahead of the race in Barcelona, the 29-year-old asserted that it was time and that he was ready to make the decision.
Asked about whether he could sign a contract before the Austrian Grand Prix (which takes place this week on June 30th), the Ferrari driver responded: "It could be, not for sure. But it could be."

Which team will Sainz race for?

From the start of the season until the point of writing this article, the Spanish driver gave no indication as to which team he preferred.
He would, of course, listen to offers from all the teams, but now, everything is apparently already on the table, and the only thing that remains is to make that decision.
What rumors suggest is that it will come down to either Williams or Sauber (Audi from 2026). However, Sainz's father was spotted exchanging phone numbers with Flavio Briatore (Alpine's executive adviser) in Barcelona, triggering another wave of speculation suggesting Alpine could also be a contender.
Mercedes seems to aim for Andrea Kimi Antonelli, Aston Martin in Lance Stroll, RB in either Daniel Ricciardo or Liam Lawson, and Haas perhaps hasn't shown enough potential to lure Sainz.
The Spaniard will want to compete for the title as soon as possible. Ultimately, his decision might come down to which team seems to be doing best in preparation for the new regulations in 2026.