Hamilton Responds To Whether He Now Regrets His Move To Ferrari

Monday, 24 June 2024 at 18:00
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Speaking to the media after the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton answered whether he had any regrets about a future move to Ferrari now that Mercedes looked stronger.
Although it was by a tiny margin (less than 0,036 seconds), Lewis Hamilton and George Russell qualified ahead of both Ferrari drivers for the tenth round of the season in Barcelona.
Then, during Sunday's race, Silver Arrows also showed more pace than the Italian team. Ultimately, the seven-time World Champion finished in P3, 4,919 seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc and 13,238 seconds ahead of Carlos Sainz.
This was also the second weekend in a row that Mercedes scored a podium and performed better than the team from Maranello, which underlines the positive effect of the German team's recently introduced upgrades.
Although Mercedes is far behind Ferrari in the Championship (119 point difference), at the moment, they seem to have a faster car.
As we know, the 39-year-old Briton will be leaving Siver Arrows at the end of this season. During the press conference following the race at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Hamilton was asked whether he had any regrets over the upcoming move to a potentially slower, team, and he responded:

"No, not at all. I mean, firstly, I love Mercedes. I've been with Mercedes since I was 13, and I'll always be a fan and supporter of Mercedes."

"And my job this year, right now, is to work as hard as I can with the crew that I have, with the people back at the factory, to try and move and develop the car in the right direction."

"And so ultimately, whatever course and trajectory the team is on for next year, for example, there are things that I've hopefully been a part of and be proud of being a part of."

While the seven-time World Champion explained his main mission at the moment is to help Mercedes, he also asserted that Ferrari isn't really doing bad at the moment.

"My job will start next year at the other team who I think are doing a great job. I think they've had a couple of difficult races, but let's not forget they had a race win in Monaco."

"I can't tell you. What is wrong with their car, and why they are in the position they're in today? But they did bring an upgrade here, and I think they are definitely progressing. So yeah, but it doesn't make me second guess my decision at all."