Sainz Issues Important Update On 2025 Contract: 'I'm Ready To Make Decision'

Wednesday, 19 June 2024 at 14:00
carlos sainz ferrari58
Carlos Sainz just issued a pretty big update on his contract talks, as it seems he is about to make his final decision.
The longer we go into the season, the fewer options Carlos Sainz has regarding which team he can join. According to many reports, the two most viable options for the Spaniard are either Sauber (future Audi) or Williams.
Some rumors suggested he was very close to signing with Williams, and some even claimed the 29-year-old had already signed with the British team.
Appearing on the Spanish show El Hormiguero's ahead of the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix, Sainz clarified he still hasn't signed anything. Though crucially, he is now ready to make a decision. He said:

"I know what options are on the table. I'm ready to make a decision, and that decision will come quickly. I want to get this out of the way. I have to make the choice and then focus on the rest of the season."

"Only after that can I start thinking about my future with the other team. This year, I have a car with which I can get podiums and victories. That is what I want to focus on now."

No matter where he chooses to be, it looks like neither of the teams available to the 29-year-old will be able to offer him a competitive car for 2025.
Consequently, Sainz needs to focus on the team's prospects for the 2026 season (after the registration change) and beyond. Interestingly, though, Sainz revealed that all the teams that have at least one available seat offered him a contract.

"All the teams that have not yet committed both drivers for next year have me on the list and have offered me a contract."

Does this mean he could go to Mercedes or even Aston Martin, which seem reserved for different drivers? Silver Arrows might have a chance to compete for podiums, maybe even race wins, and the Championship next year.
However, the problem is that the German team has two drivers who are higher up on their list- Andrea Kimi Antonelli and Max Verstappen. Sainz added:

"I can sign a contract tomorrow. I'm not going to do that, I'll take a little more time. There are several teams that are options for me."