Perez Describes Verstappen's Role In His Red Bull Contract Extension

Wednesday, 19 June 2024 at 18:00
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Sergio Perez described the influence that Max Verstappen, his Red Bull Racing teammate, had on his contract extension.
On June 4, 2024, Red Bull Racing officially announced they prolonged Sergio Perez's contract for two more seasons. Though the team principal later clarified that it is a 1+1 year deal, Perez should still drive for the Austrian team, at least in 2025.
The team from Milton Keynes looks like a great choice for the Mexican driver going into 2025, as they should almost definitely have a championship-contending car.
However, to win more races and even consider winning the Championship, the 34-year-old driver would first have to beat his teammate Max Verstappen.
As reported by RacingNews365, Checo interestingly marked the challenge of being the Dutchman's teammate as one of the reasons for staying with Red Bull.

"I love having that challenge of being Max's teammate. That has made me want to keep going, precisely because it is such a challenge. It makes you keep learning and keep growing."

"You've also seen with other drivers how tough it is Red Bull is different from any other team in that respect. Mentally it takes everything out of you and you also have to be very strong in your shoes to be able to deal with the pressure within this team."

The pressure is enormous, but so is the reward if Perez manages to withstand it. He races alongside a driver who is by many already labeled as one of the best of all time- and he's only 26 years old.
The Mexican driver likes the constant challenge and the fact that he has to keep improving if he wants to go toe to toe with the Flying Dutchman. He added:

"From the outside, there is already a lot going on, and inside the team, you are dealing with someone who sets the tone by performing at such a high level."

"He is one with the car. If you go to another team with a different team-mate, you are on it differently, but this is the challenge I just love."