Sainz Sr. Reveals He Discussed Potential Of Audi In F1 With His Son Amid Contract Negotiations

by Adam OndrikSunday, 21 January 2024 at 13:00
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Four-time Dakar Rally winner Carlos Sainz Sr. discussed Audi's entry into F1 after his recent success with the manufacturer in the Dakar Rally.
Carlos Sainz Sr. has just won his fourth Dakar Rally last Friday and made history with Audi. His victory will go down as the first Dakar Rally victory with the electric-powered car.
The Spanish Matador has quite an experience with the German manufacturer, and when it comes to their entry in F1 for the season 2026, he has no doubt Audi is destined to succeed sooner or later. He told

"Audi, I think it is a guarantee. I know very well how seriously they take each project. And I know very well what that German mentality implies in the world of motorsport, with its advantages and certain disadvantages. But we have to respect the Volkswagen group like Audi."

The technical director of the Sauber/ Stake F1 team (which will transfer into Audi), James Key, recently suggested his team hit a major roadblock, and it won't be until 2027 that it will be "the final product."
Whenever there is someone from within the team who is trying to temper expectations two years ahead, it usually isn't very positive. Nevertheless, Sainz Sr. trusts the German manufacturer:

"We all know that F1 is a bit of a special world . But I would have a lot of respect for Audi. I think it will be a matter of time (before they succeed in F1)."

Carlos Sainz Jr. is right now in the middle of negotiations about the future with his current team, Scuderia Ferrari. The 29-year-old has been speculated as one of the potential Audi candidates due to his experience and dad's connections with the manufacturer.
While both he and Ferrari claimed they plan to stay together at the beginning of the winter break, the contract talks are taking longer than expected. Could Sainz be aiming for a contract with Audi?
His father, Carlos Sainz Sr. revealed he had some discussions with his son over Audi's entrance in Formula One. He addded:

"Of course, at Carlos's house, with me being in the Audi family, it is logical that we talk and exchange opinions about what the Audi team can be in the future."