Sainz Receives Advice From Andretti On Which F1 Team He Should Join

Wednesday, 15 May 2024 at 10:00
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Former F1 driver and World Champion Mario Andretti shared his advice for Carlos Sainz, who still doesn't have a seat from 2025 onwards.
We crossed the 25% mark of the 2024 season during the last race weekend in Miami, and Carlos Sainz is still without a contract for the upcoming season.
The Spaniard initially wanted everything clear and sorted by the start of the season's first race, but that was when he didn't know he would be replaced at Ferrari.
As it stands, Sainz seems to have the most lucrative offer from Sauber / Audi, but he would like to join a team that can immediately provide him with a competitive car.
The only two remaining options are Mercedes, but it is said he is being offered only a one-year deal, and then there is Red Bull, which has Sergio Perez as their priority.
It's a tricky situation for the Spaniard, and while Red Bull and Mercedes are in no rush, he might be pushed to give Audi a final answer soon. Where should he go? Mario Andretti thinks it's clear where, as he told PlanetF1:

"I would go to Mercedes. They're due to be at the top again, they're nibbling right there."

"That's one team that you know well it will always be there, as long as they're around. It's something that's sustainable if you will, so that's the way I'm looking at it from here."

In Mercedes, the 29-year-old would have to face George Russell, who is well-established within the team by now. It would certainly be a challenge, but Andretti said:

"You have to hold your own against anybody, you know, let's face it. That's the job. But no matter where you go, like if you go to Red Bull, you'd be against Max."

Sainz indeed feels confident that he would be able to beat anyone. But the problem with Mercedes might be that Wolff would rather give a chance to young Kimi Antonelli. Andretti added to his point:

"No matter what, that's who you have to beat. When I drove, in my days, I looked up… there's always someone that's better than you."

"But if you are to be able to bring a championship or win, that's who you have to beat – you have to beat whoever is the best, and don't be afraid if you think you have a teammate that's better than you."