Russell Admits Mercedes 'Has Mountain To Climb' But Hints Everything Can 'Swing Very Quickly'

Thursday, 21 March 2024 at 15:00
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Mercedes driver George Russell discussed Mercedes's potential ahead of the third race of the season at Albert Park Circuit.
While he has beaten his teammate in both qualifying sessions and races so far, George Russell isn't currently where he would like to be, as Mercedes should fight for podiums.
Lewis Hamilton told the media ahead of the 2024 Australian Grand Prix that he really believes there is potential in Mercedes's W15, but it just hasn't been unlocked yet. The 25-year-old seems to have the same perspective on the situation, as he said:

"I think you really have to look at the potential performance we showed in the one or two in the last two races, we were genuinely quick. And the performance went away from us into qualifying."

Mercedes's team principal, Toto Wolff, admitted the team's problem from the previous season, when data from the track didn't match, and their simulations reappeared in Saudi Arabia.
As to what might be causing Mercedes's lack of performance, Russell pointed out how little time F1 teams had to prepare for the season.

"It's also important to remember we've only done three days of practice and two races. And if you compare that to a football team, you have done three days of training together, the first two games of the season, there still be understanding how to get the most out of each other and maximise the team. So that's sort of where we're standing right now."

Red Bull has clearly outperformed everyone by scoring a one-two finish in both of the first Grand Prix races. It is well known that the field behind the team from Milton Keynes is equally matched, but Russell suggests Mercedes wants to fight for victories.

"If you take the Red Bull out of the situation, it is a really exciting battle right behind. But ultimately, we're not here to fight for P2. We want to be fighting for the victory. We know there's mountain to climb, but it's swinging very, very quickly."