Ricciardo Clarifies Second Seat In Red Bull Is Not His Focus Currently

Thursday, 21 March 2024 at 01:30
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Daniel Ricciardo clarified ahead of the third race of the 2024 season, the Australian Grand Prix, that his focus isn't on the second seat in Red Bull.
The Honey Badger stated multiple times during the last two seasons that it would be his dream to get back to Red Bull and finish his career with the team from Milton Keynes.
As an RB driver, he is in one of the best positions to do that, as RB is known to be very close to Red Bull. However, he is under pressure to perform.
Ricciardo came to RB as the experienced driver, as someone who has a potential future in Red Bull and only needs to get back into his rhythm. But, during the first two races of the season, he wasn't really able to outperform his teammate Yuki Tsunoda.
Some suggest the pressure is getting to Ricciardo, but he, as quoted by Sky Sports, assured the media ahead of the Australian Grand Prix that thinking about the second seat in Red Bull isn't any distraction for him.

"It's not going to be a distraction. I know it's somewhere in my head that I would feel a perfect way to finish my career in Formula 1 to go back full circle."

"But now my goal is to push my car as hard as we can and try to do some results which make people smile and make myself smile, and then if it leads to that through the course of time then that's great and wonderful."

With Ricciardo lacking pace already in the first two races, some pundits started saying not only that he won't be in Red Bull but that we might even be seeing the last of the 34-year-old this season.
The Australian's primary focus needs to be on the performance in the present, and that's exactly where he claims it is at the moment. Ricciardo clarified his attention isn't on Red Bull, as he added:

"But it's not my focus, it's a long-term thing for now. My focus is here and I try to do the best I can with this car, this team, and try to get them in the points."