'We Might Be Seeing Last' Of Ricciardo In 2024 Pristley Warns

Monday, 18 March 2024 at 22:30
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Marc Priestley, a former F1 mechanic who worked with multiple World Champions in his career, suggested we might see the last of Ricciardo in 2024.
Daniel Ricciardo's current goal is to get a seat in Red Bull Racing. As Helmut Marko said, to increase his chances of getting the seat alongside Max Verstappen, the Australian has to be his teammate Yuki Tsunoda.
However, the season's first two Grand Prix weekends haven't gone as well as the Australian driver would have liked. He failed to score points and got outqualified by his teammate in both races. Marc Priestley said on his YouTube:

"Daniel Ricciardo, at the other end of his career, he's getting a hurry up from Helmut Marko. He's getting the world starting to talk about him in terms of questioning him."

"Is he really what everyone thought he was? Is it the excitement we thought it was going to be when he came back into the sport?"

Yuki Tsunoda proved his qualities as he stepped up during the 2023 season, but if Ricciardo is as good as everyone thought he was, he should regularly beat the less experienced 23-year-old.

"Actually, he's not beating his teammate consistently enough and that is the very first step to becoming a legendary driver in Formula 1 – you have to beat your teammate."

"He's not doing that enough, and I think, with young drivers poking their heads up and saying, 'Look at me,' Daniel Ricciardo has got time running out on his Formula 1 career."

Quite a few young drivers have shown promise and are waiting for any chance in F1. The list includes Liam Lawson, Felipe Drugovich, Theo Pourchaire, Jack Doohan, Ollie Bearman (who actually showed incredible performance during the Saudi Arabian Gand Prix), and many more.
Priestley added that he personally likes Ricciardo, but it suggested this might be even the last season that we see him in F1 if he can't step up.

"It's a shame because I think he's a great guy, a great character in the sport, and has been a great driver, but he seems to have made some poor decisions that have cost him dearly over the course of the last few years. And I wonder if we might be seeing the last of him in 2024."