Red Bull Would Be Winning Even Without Verstappen According To Villeneuve

Sunday, 31 March 2024 at 07:30
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Canadian former F1 racing driver Jacques Villeneuve suggested that Red Bull would "probably" win even without Max Verstappen.
The tense situation at Red Bull, about which we have heard a lot over the last two weeks, seems to have calmed down ever since the Australian Grand Prix and looks to be stabilized at the moment.
Max Verstappen's warning words about a potential exit might have been what the team needed to hear. The triple World Champion was suggested to be dissatisfied with the situation at Red Bull.
However, he said in a recent interview that nobody at Red Bull fears his exit now, as opposed to two weeks ago when the situation might have been slightly different.
The whole situation around Red Bull has been pretty confusing, but many have suggested that losing the triple World Champion could be a fatal blow for the Milton Keynes F1 team.
The 1997 winner, on the other hand, Jacques Villeneuve, isn't too sure whether the team could function without their current team principal as well as they could without the Dutchman. As quoted by, he said:

"There are a lot of personal vendettas in there right now, both inside and outside of Red Bull. The whole thing is a mess."

"Would the team be as good without Horner? That is a difficult one. Would the team win without Verstappen? Probably."

The Canadian highlighted that the team needs to have a combination of an amazing driver and a car. But he also highlighted that there are multiple "amazing" drivers on the grid, like Fernando Alonso, for example. He added:

"Max is winning because he has an amazing car and Red Bull are winning because they have an amazing driver. But he is not the only amazing driver that exists. Put Alonso in that car and he would be winning as well."