Red Bull 'Wants To Completely Crush Competition' According To Ricciardo

Saturday, 24 February 2024 at 20:30
verstappen max redbull car rbcp35
Daniel Ricciardo discussed the significant progress the Red Bull Racing team has made with developing their car over the winter.
During the three days of pre-season testing in Bahrain, we had a chance to have a closer look at Red Bull's 2024 challenger - RB20.
The Austrian team visibly changed their car. From the first few hundred laps they have done around the Bahrain International Circuit, it seems like Red Bull has once again built a car that will be very difficult to match in terms of race pace for other teams.
Asked whether he was surprised about what the team from Milton Keynes has done over the winter, RB (formerly AlphaTauri) driver Daniel Ricciardo told the media:

"I laugh because I'm surprised, but I'm not. I feel it's a team that operates at its best when they're winning. I feel like when they're winning, it's like they want to just completely crush the competition."

Most teams, including Red Bull, are hiding their true pace throughout the pre-season testing in Bahrain. Nevertheless, Max Verstappen gapped everyone by more than a second right on the first day of the tests.

"It's not like: 'Okay, now we're winning. Let's go on holiday.' It's like: 'Let's really put our feet down.' So that's where I think they've come out this year. After the most dominant season in '23, they came out with a car that I think I was even like, 'Wow. '"

Red Bull's rivals like Mercedes and Ferrari were in the position to make aggressive changes in order to catch up with Red Bull. But in the end, the Austrian team made the most significant change to their car. Ricciardo added:

"Whether I'm part of the family or not, I just – as a fan – love to see that kind of relentless approach and response to such a strong year. It's like you have to, in a way, admire it."