'Overreaction': Horner's Investigation Discussed By Coulthard And Jordan

by Adam OndrikSunday, 11 February 2024 at 18:00
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The Formula for Success podcast hosts David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan discussed Christian Horner's investigation during their most recent episode.
To quickly update you on everything, Christian Horner is currently being investigated after being accused of "inappropriate behavior" by a female Red Bull Racing employee.
News about this case first appeared on Monday the 5th. Back then, Red Bull put out a statement confirming the team principal was indeed being investigated by an external specialized lawyer to ensure fairness.
There have been no official updates from the team or the team principal himself, but various rumors suggested the team principal has already been advised to step down from his position.
Many F1 fans on social media have been quick to call for the resignation of the team principal, but David Coulthard, who knows the 50-year-old very well, said he should be given an opportunity to explain himself.

"I’ve seen all sorts of overreaction on social media, you know, people calling for Christian to resign and for him to be suspended, all of these sorts of things. But, as always, everybody deserves their moment to be able to explain their position."

Horner was given the opportunity to explain his position during the interrogation that took place on Friday. However, the investigation has still not concluded and might take longer than originally anticipated.

"I don’t know about the other party involved. So, maybe by next week, we’ll have some clarity on that particular situation."

According to Sky Sports reporter Craig Slater, the investigation might continue even through the pre-season tests and the first race in Bahrain. The former F1 team owner, Eddie Jordan, added he agreed with Coulthard's words as he said:

"I endorse what you’ve just said. That’s the basic rule, isn’t it? Until proven guilty, the case is absolutely sub judice."