Norris Could Be World Champion If He Learned From Mansell Suggests Jordan

Friday, 29 March 2024 at 16:45
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Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan believes Lando Norris could have already won one or two races and would like to see more viciousness from the 24-year-old.
During the 2024 Australian Grand Prix weekend, Lando Norris achieved the first podium of the season for his McLaren team when he crossed the finish line behind Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.
By doing so, he also added the 14th podium to his collection. Consequently, the Papaya driver broke the record for the most podiums any driver has ever achieved without a single race win.
Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan discussed the 24-year-old and his performance on the most recent episode of the Formula for Success podcast (which we recommend) and said:

"He is revered, isn't he? He's loved, he's a good-looking boy, his parents are gorgeous people."

"He is everything that every father would like to have in their son. He is a really good example, well-behaved, well-educated and knows his place."

While he sees Norris as a very good young driver, Jordan suggests he would like to see more "viciousness" from the Briton.

"I just want to see more fight there! I want to see more viciousness. Could he have won any of those 14 Grand Prix, I think he might have, he might have won one or two of them."

"But I just want to see more action, real fight, real determination and I think when he gets that, remember, what was the standout feature of Nigel Mansell? It was belief."

Nigel Mansell is, of course, a former F1 driver who raced in Formula 1 for 15 seasons and won the Championship with Williams in 1992.
Jordan's team was in F1 from 1991, so he had the opportunity to see and analyze the World Champion, and he suggested his mindset was what won him the championship.

"He believed he could beat anybody and the fact is that his talent possibly in certain areas was nowhere near as good as some of the guys that he was beating because mentally in his mind no one could pass him."

Mansell believed in himself, and the former F1 team owner feels Norris maybe doesn't as much. On the contrary, he suggested that the 24-year-old could be a World Champion as he has the qualities for it.

"So, I just want to see more of that while belief and commitment and passion in Lando, and you could be surprised, we could be looking at another British champion because he's that good."