Bearman Could Reportedly Go To Haas Under Certain Conditions

Friday, 29 March 2024 at 15:15
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Formula 1 journalist Joe Saward recently suggested Haas would be happy to take Oliver Bearman for 2025 under certain conditions.
Oliver Bearman impressed the Haas F1 team for the first time during the post-season testing in Abu Dhabi in 2023. He has been scheduled for six free practice sessions this year, but unexpectedly, he got a chance to show what he already got in Jeddah during the second race weekend of the season.
Carlos Sainz had to undergo surgery, and Fred Vasseur showed his trust in the 18-year-old by putting him in the seat at the last moment with almost no preparation.
As we know, the young Briton dealt with it incredibly well. He not only brought the car home without damage at one of the most challenging circuits of the season but also scored points for seventh place.
This result increased his chances of getting a seat in F1. However, he is currently part of Ferrari Academy, and the team from Maranello has two drivers contracted at least until the end of 2026.
Consequently, it was suggested that Ferrari's customer team, Haas, would be the more likely option for Bearman. According to Joe Saward, the American team might happily take the teenager with a discount on engines. He wrote on his website:

"The word is that Haas would be happy to take Bearman, probably alongside Hulkenberg, in 2025, if Ferrari asked them nicely – and offered a suitable discount on engines."

On the other hand, both current Haas drivers have been driving very well so far, and Ayao Komatsu said that after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, based on their performance from the second race, he would instead pick them.
Nevertheless, Saward believes that Ferrari might push Haas to take the 18-year-old for a few seasons, so he can later replace the seven-time World Champion in their team.

"In any case, Bearman is definitely in the picture as Ferrari will be keen to train up a youngster to be ready to replace Lewis Hamilton when he retires."

"That might not be until 2028, but that would give Bearman time to learn F1, as Charles Leclerc once did with Sauber back in the day."