'Nobody Expected' Sainz To Win In Australia Says Vasseur

Thursday, 28 March 2024 at 00:00
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Carlos Sainz's team principal, Fred Vasseur, commented on the Spaniard's performance following the third race of the season at Albert Park Circuit.
Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz achieved his third win during the 2024 Australian Grand Prix after starting from the P2 and overtaking Max Verstappen on the second lap.
What made it even more spectacular was that Sainz did it just two weeks after surgery for appendicitis. The Spaniard didn't know on Friday whether he would feel good enough to race on Sunday, so you can imagine how participating in and actually winning the race must have felt for him.
The Ferrari team principal, Frederic Vasseur, was also more than satisfied with the performance of his 29-year-old driver. He told the media:

"This winter we agreed together to push until the last lap of the season. And he did a fantastic job."

"He was there in Bahrain, pushing the team also, and for sure Jeddah was a tough weekend, a tough weekend for Carlos, a tough weekend for the team."

The Frenchman also highlighted how incredible Sainz's recovery has been. He literally had no time to practice and prepare for the race weekend like he usually would because he spent the whole two weeks doing everything so he would at least be fit enough to race.

"But the recovery is mega. You have to keep in mind that two weeks ago he was in the hospital. I think even Friday, he was not 100 percent sure to be able to drive."

"And after a couple of laps, he was on the pace, and this was part of the success – because you can't give up one lap in free practice if you want to perform."

It might have been a bit dangerous if Sainz got involved in some on-track incident, as drivers' bodies have to be 100% fit to withstand the G-forces experienced in crashes. But fortunately, nothing happened. Vasseur added:

"For sure, it's amazing. If you have a look on where he's coming from nobody expected a result like this today."