Newey Reportedly Set To Announce Red Bull Departure Soon

Thursday, 25 April 2024 at 17:22
adrian newey redbull rbcp11
According to a recent report from AMuS, Red Bull's chief technical officer, the legendary Adrian Newey, is about to depart the team.
Adrian Newey is currently one of the most sought-after people in Formula 1. As former Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said, everyone needs a quicker car, and not even the best driver can win in a slow car.
Newey is largely credited with Red Bull's success in the last couple of seasons as he played an essential role in designing its cars.
The British engineer's record also speaks for himself. Throughout his time in F1, Newey won 12 World Constructors' and 13 World Drivers' championships with three different teams and seven different drivers.
The problem for him now, apparently, is that despite all his success with the team from Milton Keynes, he is unhappy with all the internal conflicts. Auto Motor und Sport reported:

"The 65-year-old Englishman is expected to announce his departure from Red Bull soon."

"Newey is said to be unhappy about the power struggle in the team and does not want to be completely pushed into the RB17 hypercar project. The thoroughbred engineer's heart still lies in Formula 1."

It is still not clear when the chief technical officer will be allowed to leave the team as he is contracted to Red Bull until the end of the season in 2025.
There is currently probably no team on the grid that wouldn't like to have Newey. The Briton seems to have perhaps the best understanding of current regulations and might be an essential team member when it comes to designing a car for 2026 (new regulations).
The top four teams that come to mind as Newey's potential next destination are McLaren (where he used to work), Aston Martin (which was rumored to have given him a very lucrative offer), Mercedes (which would also like to use that to attract Max Verstappen), and Ferrari.
Newey himself previously revealed he has been approached by the team from Maranello about three times in the past. While his answer used to be no, the report from AMuS suggests Ferrari might be the most likely option.
Ferrari is in the process of building a dream team under the leadership of its new team principal, Fred Vasseur. Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton will join the team next year, and he might also serve as a lure for the technical officer from Red Bull.
Could we see a team-up between the most successful driver, technical officer, and F1 team of all time starting in the 2025 season?