Two Tracks Where Red Bull Could Struggle Identified By Marko

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 at 22:30
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Helmut Marko (Red Bull's motorsport advisor) identified two tracks where Red Bull could struggle to win or at least qualify for the pole.
While some of the top five teams hoped to catch up with Red Bull at the start of this season, the first five race weekends revealed it won't be so easy.
Max Verstappen secured five pole positions and four Grand Prix wins in five race weekends. He might even have fought for the fifth win, but he didn't finish the race in Australia due to technical issues.
Every time the Dutchman finished the race in 2024, it was in P1. His teammate Sergio Perez has also been performing much more consistently than at the end of the most recent season.
Consequently, the team from Milton Keynes comfortably leads both the Constructors' and Drivers' Championships ahead of the season's sixth race weekend.
Writing in his column for, Helmut Marko suggested he can now finally say it's clear that Red Bull's RB20 works under all conditions.

"Five GP weekends, five different race tracks, five pole positions from Max Verstappen, four wins. At this point, we can somewhat claim that we have a car that is fast on every type of track."

The question is, will Red Bull now go on to win all the remaining races of the season just like they did in 2023? First of all, both McLaren and Ferrari hope to get closer to them and challenge for the wins with their upcoming upgrades.
Second of all, even if Ferrari and McLaren stayed as far from Red Bull as they are now, there are still tracks that suit the Austrian team less than others. As to which of the remaining 19 race weekends might be more challenging for his team, Marko wrote:

"Tracks where the competition might get a bit closer to us are Miami or Monaco, especially since our rivals have improved their qualifying pace. I imagine it won't be easy to secure pole position there."