New Team Principal 'Sure' Haas Can Do Much Better Job

by Adam OndrikFriday, 19 January 2024 at 21:00
hulkenberg nico haas car latphoto5
The new team principal of Haas, Ayao Komatsu asserted he was certain his team has the resources to do a better job than it did in previous seasons.
Gene Haas cited poor performances and results as the primary reason for Guenther Steiner's replacement. The team owner stated the team has enough resources to be in a better position than the last place in the Championship.
The Italian former team principal claimed Haas could be in the top mid-field this year, but he didn't get the chance to prove it. The pressure is not on the new team principal - Ayao Komatsu.
The problem for the American team is they are not operating with the full budget that is allowed by the regulations as opposed to their rivals. Nevertheless, the Japanese team principal claims his team has the resources needed to perform better. He told the media:

"I do believe with what we got, we can do a better job, for sure. With the people, with the ideas people have got, if we put it together, I'm sure we can do a much better job."

Komatsu will primarily focus on the technical and strategic side of the team principal's job as he will try to improve the performance of Haas cars. He continued:

"And then once we get to the stage where 'OK, with what we’ve got, we are maximizing, we are an effective racing team,' then there is a next stage of 'OK, is the absolute boundary, is that not good enough?'"

So, Komatsu's present goal is to get his team to a place where it performs to the best of its capabilities. However, he added that is far away.

"But I think we are far from it if you'd like, so yeah, I'm focusing on improving what we got for sure, to start with."

While the newly appointed team principal stated there are many places for improvement, he also recently said his team didn't make "good enough" progress ahead of the 2024 season.
The future of the American team seems quite uncertain at the moment, but similar to Andrea Stella in McLaren, the Japanese team principal might surprise if given the chance.