Komatsu Agrees With Gene Haas's 'Embarrassed' Stance On Current Position Of Team

by Adam OndrikFriday, 19 January 2024 at 03:00
komatsu ayao haas latphoto2
The newly appointed team principal, Ayao Komatsu, supported Gene Haas's statements about how embarrassing it is for Haas's team to be last in the Championship.
The team owner of the Haas F1 team, Gene Haas, cited insufficient results as the primary reason for the replacement and departure of the former team principal, Guenther Steiner.
Moreover, the team owner stated he felt embarrassed that his team was not able to do better even with the support of a team like Scuderia Ferrari.
Steiner's replacement and a person who has been with the team throughout all its eight years in F1, Ayao Komatsu, backed this statement of the team owner as he told the media:

"Gene, at the moment, wants to get off the back of the grid. Obviously, you saw and heard how unhappy Gene was. Of course, who’s going to be happy competing in last place? It is embarrassing, it really is embarrassing."

The fact is that the American team hasn't finished better than eighth in the Constructors' Championship for the last five years. Komatsu continued:

“So I think it’s positive that Gene is unhappy where we are. If the people in the team think ok, we’re last, and we’re not sure where we’re going, Gene doesn’t say anything, then ok, is Gene happy just making up the numbers and being P10? That’s clearly not the case."

The Japanese team principal believes Gene Haas's attitude is appropriate to the situation, and he asserted it actually motivates people within the team.

"So that’s actually motivating for everyone here. Ok, Gene is serious, he wants to improve the team, so let’s do it together."

While it is clear Haas has to improve on their last season's result, the 47-year-old also mentioned lately the progress his team has made over the winter will not be good enough.
Can Komatsu somehow revive the American team and finish next season in a better position than in P10, so Gene Haas doesn't have to feel embarrassed anymore? Only time will tell.