Leclerc's Personality Will Make Collaboration With Hamilton 'Easier' According To Rosberg

Friday, 26 April 2024 at 00:45
leclerchamilton imagonurphoto
Nico Rosberg discussed future collaboration between Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, suggesting he doesn't expect it to be "extremely spicy."
Once Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton join forces, they might possibly form one of the strongest driver pairings on the current F1 grid.
The question is, how will they work together? We have seen multiple times in the past that once strong, equally matched drivers meet in one team, it doesn't tend to boat well.
Lewis Hamilton has had two very tense relationships with teammates in the past. The first was in his rookie season with Fernando Alonso in 2007, and the second was with Nico Rosberg, mainly in 2016.
Rosberg himself knows how it feels to operate in this kind of tense environment but doesn't expect something like that to happen in Ferrari, considering Charles Leclerc's personality type.

"We're all looking forward to that dynamic. Charles doesn't seem like someone who goes into conflict too much with his team-mates, that will make it easier."

In fact, Leclerc has never had a bad relationship with a teammate before. Moreover, he seems to be already getting along well with the seven-time World Champion, as the two of them can sometimes be spotted talking to each other in the paddock.
While the 2016 Champion doesn't think it will get "extremely spicy" between the two drivers, he suggests we are looking at a very strong matchup.
On the one hand, the Monegasque driver hasn't achieved as much as the seven-time World Champion. On the other hand, he should definitely not be underestimated, as Rosberg added:

"From that point of view, maybe it won't be too extremely spicy. But, nevertheless, I mean, Charles is probably the second-best qualifier out there after Max Verstappen, one could possibly say at the moment."

"So, it’s going to be a tough, tough battle for both really and I think the level could be pretty similar, so it would be great to watch."