Hamilton Shares Honest Reaction To Potential Team-Up With Newey In Ferrari

Thursday, 02 May 2024 at 21:22
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Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton shared how he would feel if he had the opportunity to work with Adrian Newey at Ferrari.
Red Bull's chief technical officer, Adrian Newey, formally resigned this week and announced he would step back to focus purely on his RB17 hypercar project before he departs the team at the beginning of 2025.
It isn't yet clear whether the 65-year-old wants a break from the pinnacle of motorsport or would like to join a different team.
However, rumors suggest that if he were to join one of the teams on the grid, it would be Ferrari. Another person who will be joining the team from Maranello for the 2025 season is Lewis Hamilton.
During the press conference ahead of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix sprint weekend, the 39-year-old driver told the media about a potential collaboration with the car designer legend.

"Adrian has got such a great history, track record. He has obviously just done an amazing job throughout his career."

"With the knowledge that he has, I think that he would be an amazing addition. I think they've already got a great team, they are already making a huge progress. Their car is quicker this year. But it would be a privilege to work with him."

Asked how excited he would be, the seven-time World Champion gave a brief one-word response: "Very." In any case, Adrian Newey joining the Italian team alongside Hamilton would be huge news.
Even Netflix couldn't wish for a better story than the most successful driver, car designer, and F1 team in the sport's history joining forces to win together. But how possible is it? Hamilton said:

"This is all private conversation stuff. If I was to do a list of people that I'd like to work with, he would absolutely be at the top of it."

In his first answer, he didn't really say how possible he thinks it is, but it was interesting to watch the Briton's reaction when he was asked again to give an estimate. With a sly smile on his face, he said, "I don't know; we will see."