Hamilton Can 'Surely' Do Same Thing As Alonso 'No Problem' According To Rosberg

Thursday, 25 April 2024 at 01:30
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Nico Rosberg asserted that his former Mercedes teammate, Lewis Hamilton, shouldn't have a problem replicating what Fernando Alonso is doing.
Fernando Alonso is the oldest driver on the grid at the moment. After recently signing a contract extension with Aston Martin, it became clear he would stay the oldest for at least two more seasons.
The Spanish Matador will be turning 43 this year. Drivers his age shouldn't be able to compete at the pinnacle of motorsport due to deteriorating energy, reflex times, and level of motivation.
However, Alonso proves there are exceptions with his incredible performance race after race. The second oldest driver on the grid is the seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton.
He, too, will stay in F1 for at least two more seasons after signing a multi-year deal with Ferrari. Moreover, Hamilton revealed ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix that his plans are to race "well into" his forties.
Does the British driver have what it takes to continue racing for as long as the double World Champion? Nico Rosberg shared his opinion on the matter as he told Sky Sports:

"Fernando is turning 43 in a couple of months, and to see him still driving at the very, very best level is really incredible."

"It's only because he's one of the best drivers of all time that he's able to do that. And therefore, yes, surely Lewis (can also)."

The former F1 driver noted that Hamilton's performances had taken a dip ever since the start of this season. Despite that, he believes his former teammate "surely" can do the same as Alonso:

"Just half a year ago, Lewis was maybe still the best on the grid together with Verstappen, now the beginning of the season has been a little bit more difficult, but surely Lewis can do the same and go into his forties, no problem."