'Frustrated' Hamilton 'Lost Confidence' In Mercedes Brundle Suggests

by Adam OndrikThursday, 08 February 2024 at 10:00
Updated at Thursday, 08 February 2024 at 10:03
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Sky Sports commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle suggested Lewis Hamilton's exit from his team might indicate he lost confidence in Mercedes.
When Lewis Hamilon's move from Mercedes was announced, firstly, nobody believed it. The seven-time World Champion drove for the team for 11 seasons and achieved six of his Championship titles with it.
F1 drivers obviously always want to drive for the team that offers them the best chances of success, and Mercedes is still considered to be one of those. So, what reason might the 39-year-old have to leave Silver Arrows? Martin Brundle said on the special edition of the Sky F1 show:

"I can imagine that when Lewis looks back on the past few years, in which he has not won a race, he realizes that his life has run into other extra-circular matters and that he now really wants to focus on his racing career again. He needs a new challenge now that he is turning 40."

On the one hand, Hamilton has achieved immense success with Mercedes. On the other hand, that is all in the past. As it stands, he hasn't won a single Grand Prix race throughout the last two seasons.

"I think Lewis Hamilton was frustrated by that. The 'we win together, we lose together' thing was wearing a little thin, wasn't it?"

The 39-year-old repeatedly stated he trusted his team's ability to produce a championship-contending car. Then, he signed a two-year deal with Mercedes to back up his words.
However, the seasons he signed for didn't even begin, and he already announced he would leave after 2024. That is a shocking move based on everything he said before. Brundle added:

"And maybe he just lost confidence that the team can still find its way up and start winning races again. There are many important people who have left the team. I'm sure all these factors played into his decision."

The seven-time World Champion said he made the decision because it had always been his dream to drive for the red, and this might be one of his last chances. Do you think that is his only reason, or is there something more?