Former F1 Team Owner Jordan Hints Possibility Of 'All-Spanish' Aston Martin Duo in 2025

Saturday, 30 March 2024 at 15:00
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Former owner of the Jordan Grand Prix F1 team, Eddie Jordan, suggested he expects to see Carlos Sainz alongside Fernando Alonso in an Aston Martin in 2025.
It is tough to believe, but despite the two amazing performances he has shown since the start of the season, Carlos Sainz is still without a contract for the 2025 season.
The Spanish matador was already speculated to be in talks with Red Bull and Mercedes, but no announcements have been made so far about potential collaboration with any of the two teams.
Max Verstappen was reportedly not satisfied with the situation inside Red Bull, and at the moment, it seems he might be the one on whom the evolution of the driver market depends.
Toto Wolff confirmed he is currently waiting for the Dutchman to decide and that his future moves mainly depend on the 26-year-old's decision. Eddie Jordan said on the most recent episode of Formula for Success Podcast:

"At the moment, please remember, [Sainz] started off in Toro Rosso (now known as RB). If Red Bull were to lose somebody like Max or want to replace Perez, you have to say that Carlos would be one of the key people."

However, the most recent report from suggests Red Bull is confident there is "no risk" of the triple World Champion leaving their team. Under such circumstances, Jordan believes Sainz could go to Aston Martin. He said:

"However, do not be surprised if you see an all-Spanish Aston Martin team next year. I am telling you I believe that if there is not a place in Red Bull for him, he will join Fernando in Aston Martin - that's what I believe."

"I have no real hardcore evidence, but it's a gut feeling, and very often, my gut feeling is a bit different from other people's. It does sound nice; it’s very romantic, isn’t it?"