'Embarrassing' Alpine 'Open For Sale' According To Jordan

Sunday, 17 March 2024 at 22:30
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Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan heavily criticized Alpine in the most recent episode of his Formula for Success Podcast.
Alpine is last in the Constructors' Championship ahead of the third race of the season in Australia after an underwhelming start.
Some experts say that the French team has even taken a step back with their new car generation compared to where they were at the end of the 2023 season. Eddie Jordan asserted that Alpine made a mistake in getting rid of their previous team principal so early.

"They got rid of Ottmar prematurely. It was a mistake. He was a talented person who knew how to keep that team in the right direction."

Pierre Gasly, who didn't complete more than one lap of the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to technical issues, admitted to the media that his team is currently going through a "difficult time." Jordan continued:

"At the moment they are the most floundering team, it is absolutely embarrassing. I find it embarrassing to watch Gasly and Ocon who are capable of winning races."

Some have already started speculating that Renault (which owns Alpine) might want to exit the sport after 2024 or 2025, and Jordan agrees.

"Do I see Alpine there next year? Absolutely not. Not a chance. It's wide open for a sale. Renault have pulled back for it, they don't want to spend the money on the engine."

"The engine for 2026 is such a big outlay that it’s frightening them. Even though the value of the team, they talk about £1 billion."

Interestingly, while other teams improved by around half a second per lap on average, Alpine drivers couldn't beat their fastest qualifying times from the previous season at Jeddah Corniche Circuit.
This only underlines how the French team missed their development targets. The former F1 team owner added that it is disgraceful for Alpine to give its drivers such a car.

"Alpine have been disgraceful in not being able to perform for their drivers, for their team, to give them that car to compete in the championship. It's unacceptable. I wouldn't put up with it. Shocking!"