Does First Victory Have Influence On Driver's Mindset? Norris Shares His Experience

Sunday, 16 June 2024 at 22:00
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Lando Norris discussed whether his mindset has changed in some ways following his career's first victory in Miami.
Lando Norris held the record for the most podiums in F1 without scoring a single victory, but he broke free from this unfortunate statistic when he scored his first win during the 2024 Miami Grand Prix.
It was suggested that Norris's long streak of second-place finishes before scoring his first win might have influenced his approach.
So, did anything change following the race at Miami International Autodrome? There were three Grand Prix races since then, and the 24-year-old came super close to scoring a victory in two of them, but when it comes to mindset, Norris doesn't feel anything has changed:

"Not really. No, like really, it doesn't change much. For me, I've always tried to make it feel the same. I think as soon as you try and change it too much, that's when you probably start to feel the pressure or nerves and that kind of thing."

"But I'm doing the same. I'm going out, I look at the data, I try and drive as quickly as possible. It doesn't change, it's just for a higher position."

Improvement in McLaren's performance means the British driver can now compete for race victory much more often, and he sees this as a more significant change.

"I think naturally, that just comes with a little bit more nerves and a little bit more pressure, when you're in qualifying and you're trying to get a pole lap, and that kind of thing. But it shouldn't change that much at the same time, right."

If McLaren retains its current place in the pecking order, Norris should have a lot more chances to compete for the Grand Prix victory before the end of the season. How many wins do you think he can get?