Verstappen Can Understand Motive Behind New 2026 Regulations But Also Sees Problems

Monday, 17 June 2024 at 12:46
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Max Verstappen shared his opinion on the newly released regulations that will define the design of F1 cars from 2026 onwards.
The 2026 regulations are quite a big topic at the moment. There are going to be significant changes, including new power units, the elimination of DRS as we know it, the introduction of active aerodynamics and manual override mode, size reduction, and weight reduction.
Multiple F1 drivers have given their opinions on the regulations since they were released on June 6, 2024. Most of them, including Lewis Hamilton, agree that weight reduction is a step in the right direction, but 30 kilograms isn't enough. Speaking to, Max Verstappen said:

"Some racing cars are already overweight, and it will not be easy for the teams to make the cars 30 kilos lighter."

"Even if the racing cars will be more compact. I would prefer the cars to be 100 or 150 kilos lighter, but with these hybrid engines, that is pure wishful thinking."

While it will be exciting to watch how the pecking order reshuffles at the start of the 2026 season as some teams will get the concept right and some won't, the races themselves might be a bit less exciting, as the Dutchman pointed out:

"What is clear, regardless of the detailed work, is that with stable regulations, the field will move closer together, as we are currently experiencing."

"With new regulations, the gaps will widen again, that is inevitable. Because the cars will not only be more competitive in terms of their chassis but also in terms of their engines."

It is very likely that we might witness the domination of one F1 team in 2026 and maybe in 2027 again before the whole field starts to converge as it is now—the third season following the introduction of 2022 regulations.

"Some could hit the nail on the head with their work on the new regulations and thereby have a considerable advantage."

On the other hand, new regulations also benefit the sport because they open opportunities for new manufacturers to join, and the triple World Champion understands this.

"But I understand the background: the FIA ​​wanted to attract more manufacturers, and a change in the regulations was essential for that."