Audi's Deadline For Sainz's Decision Revealed In Recent Report

Thursday, 25 April 2024 at 12:15
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A recent report revealed Audi's deadline for Carlos Sainz's decisions on whether or not he wants to join their team.
Carlos Sainz seems to be in a tough spot at the moment. In an interview after the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix, he confessed he often feels "uncomfortable" and "frustrated" amid uncertainty about his future in F1.
On the one hand, a driver of Sainz's caliber will definitely find a seat on some team and keep racing. On the other hand, the 29-year-old doesn't want just any team; he wants to compete for the title.
The Spanish driver is in his prime at the moment and wants to make the most of it while he can. According to Red Bull's Helmut Marko, Audi has a very lucrative offer for Sainz that Red Bull cannot match.
Speculations suggested the German manufacturer is pressuring the Ferrari driver to make a decision as soon as possible, and according to F1-Insider, they want him to make a choice by "mid-May."

"​​Seidl from Lower Bavaria still has to wait for his second dream pilot. The Spaniard Carlos Sainz is still hesitant."

"He has to decide by mid-May, then Audi wants to talk to other drivers, for example with the French Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon. Both of their contracts with Alpine are expiring, and both are toying with a move."

Ocon and Gasly joined Alpine with hopes of fighting for podiums and race wins, but their team is currently ninth in the Championship with zero points on the board.
Both drivers are very quick and experienced, and a move to Audi might make sense for them. F1-Insider also suggested the second seat in Audi already has it's owner.
German F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg apparently has at least a 3-year deal on the table. The only thing missing is his signature, and we should expect the announcement by the end of May.