3 Reasons Why Leclerc's New Contract With Ferrari Makes Sense

by Adam OndrikSunday, 28 January 2024 at 03:00
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Charles Leclerc signed a new contract with Scuderia Ferrari that ensures he will be part of the team at least until the end of the season 2026. Here are a few reasons why Ferrari made a great move.

#3 Arguably One Of Fastest Drivers

The Monegasque proves his qualities quite often in qualifying sessions. Over the course of the last two seasons, he didn't exactly have the Championship-winning car, but he was consistently showing he had the speed.
That's essential for every driver who one day wants to become a World Champion. Former F1 driver Martin Brundle suggested the 26-year-old might be currently the fastest one out there.
Former F1 team owner - Eddie Jordan identified Leclerc as the only driver who could stand up to the reigning World Champion, Max Verstappen.
On one hand, the Monegasqe driver made quite a lot of mistakes over the course of the last few seasons. On the other hand, with increasing experience, it is expected his consistency will improve, and he might become a very dangerous driver in the battle for the Championship.

#2 Dedication

Leclerc has been open about the fact that it has always been his dream to drive for Ferrari and win the championship with the Italian team.
He achieved the first part of his dream but still missed the Championship. With his potential, many of the top teams might be interested in his services. However, the 26-year-old made it clear he wanted to finish the mission with a Ferrari.

#1 Team Player

Leclerc is a very obedient driver. While some say it is not a good trait, he always does what is best for the team and what the team asks him to do.
Having a driver that the Prancing Horse can rely on is crucial for their success in upcoming seasons, and they already have five years of experience with the Monegasque.

All In All

Ferrari fans already know and love the 26-year-old; he is fast, he is a team player, and most importantly, he still has a lot of potential. It seems to make sense that Ferrari wants to continue with Leclerc. Could you imagine any other driver replacing him?