'You Can't Choose Family': Verstappen On Being Caught Up In Red Bull Drama

Saturday, 23 March 2024 at 00:30
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Max Verstappen had to endure many difficult questions over the past few weeks, but it's something that he accepts naturally.
Being part of the team in any team sport is much different to any individual sport. In a sense, Formula One is a mix of both, as drivers are on their own in the race car, but at the same time, they have to have a team behind them, constructing the car, taking care of the pit stops, and many more things.
As part of the team, Verstappen has been surrounded by different questions about his possible exit because of the controversies surrounding Red Bull in recent weeks.
However, the Dutch driver has shown his loyalty to the team, and a lot of that has also to do with his approach, since he sees the Austrian team as his family, something you don't choose but respect regardless.

"I've always felt comfortable (at Red Bull) because for me it's like a second family. In a family, there might sometimes be, how would you say, not disagreements, but in families you can't choose family, you can choose friends."

Still, the three-time World Champion keeps reminding one thing, that he wants to focus on the racing and the car's performance, as that's why he travels to Grand Prix weekends.
So far, he was able to win the first two races of the season, despite everything going on off the track for Red Bull. That's the approach he wants to keep also going into the 2024 Australian Grand Prix, where he will be once again favourite to win the race.

"But, no it's good. For me, it's been the same. We just focus on the performance. I would like the chat to be a bit more about the great car we have but hopefully that will come slowly."