Wolff Believes Verstappen Could Join Mercedes Although He Wouldn't Do It In His Place

Monday, 22 April 2024 at 17:00
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The team principal of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, discussed the current situation between Max Verstappen and the seat in his team for 2025.
Mercedes team principal admitted a few weeks ago he was courting Max Verstappen in relation to the seat alongside George Russell for 2025.
The Austrian suggested the triple World Champion was his priority and would wait for him to decide as he is in no rush to sign anyone at the moment.
Speaking to the media during the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix weekend, Wolff admitted he couldn't offer the 26-year-old driver the quickest car, but he still believes there might be some other factors that make his offer lucrative.

"There are so many factors that play a role in a driver joining. Clearly when you look at it from the most rational point of view, you can say 'that's the quickest car in the hands of the quickest driver.'"

"But I don't think this is the only reason you stay where you are. Let's say [for] simple minds, that might be the only reason why you stay in a car and that's it."

The Flying Dutchman told the media ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix that he was happy to remain with Red Bull until the end of his contract if everything stayed the way it was.

"But maybe there are more depths for some people that consider other factors too. I think that Max has that."

"I think a few factors play a role, but he's the one that is the one that's going to trigger some more domino stones to fall in afterwards. Everybody's waiting for what he's going to do."

Funny enough, the team principal of the German team admitted that he wouldn't join Mercedes if he were in Verstappen's position. Nevertheless, he remains patient as he waits for the 26-year-old to decide.

"If I was Max I would stay at Red Bull in 2025 - but I'm not Max. It is the quickest car but there are still other factors."

Wolff was then directly asked if there really is a chance that the triple World Champion would join Mercedes for 2025, and he responded: "If I say this, I might f*** up my whole strategy."