Watch: Amazing Comparison Between Laps Of Top Four Drivers In Jeddah

Saturday, 09 March 2024 at 13:00
verstappen max redbull car rbcp48
Max Verstappen scored P1 during the qualification ahead of the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. But how significant was his lead? See the video below.
The triple World Champion Max Verstappen scored his second pole during the second race of the season at Jeddah Corniche Circuit.
The triple World Champion completely dominated the session. In his own words, he just felt confident in the car that he was given, which is very important around the track in Saudi Arabia.
It isn't often that drivers are so satisfied with their laps as they always see some room for improvement, but the 26-year-old even compared his lap to the famous 2021 Jeddah qualifying lap, which he didn't finish.
As the video from @Formuladdict below illustrates, the rest of the field was very evenly matched, but the Dutchman outperformed everyone by a few car lengths at the finish line.
Charles Leclerc came closest to the triple World Champion, but even his effort was 0,319 (a significant margin) seconds slower than Verstappen's final lap time.
Due to equal machinery, Sergio Perez was the only driver who probably had the chance of matching Verstappen in Saudi Arabia. However, the Mexican driver admitted it was "not possible" for him to match the 26-year-old.
The three drivers behind the Flying Dutchman were separated by -0,055, which only proves how competitive Formula 1 is nowadays. But Red Bull with Max Verstappen keeps dominating.
Fernando Alonso managed to pull off perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the session. Aston Martins lacked a lot of pace on the top for teams during the first race of the season.
Coming into Jeddah, the Spanish Matador asserted he didn't "expect any miracle." But his lap either suggests that Aston has made significant progress since Bahrain or that he deserves a big applause.