Thing That Would Make Newey Join Ferrari 'In Heartbeat' Revealed By Montoya

Tuesday, 04 June 2024 at 14:00
adrian newey redbull rbcp11
Juan Pablo Montoya believes there is one thing that could convince Adrian Newey to instantly sign with Ferrari.
F1's legendary designer Adrian Newey will depart Red Bull Racing (with which he has been for almost 20 years) at the beginning of 2025.
The deal that the British engineer struck with the team from Milton Keynes allows him to join a rival team right after he leaves Red Bull if that was his desire.
He could significantly help any of the remaining teams on the grid going into 2026 regulations. He has mostly been connected with Ferrari.
As Lewis Hamilton, who will join the Italian team in 2025, explained, driving for or working with Ferrari, at least once in a career, is a dream of many in the paddock.
Newey hasn't revealed his cards so far, saying he might take a bit of a break before he makes his decision, although he hinted he would like to return to F1 at some point.

What could persuade Newey to join Ferrari?

Almost all F1 teams will present the 65-year-old British engineer with some sort of offer, but Juan Pablo Montoya believes Ferrari does have something that could persuade him to join the red "in a heartbeat." He told RacingNews365:

"I think the only reason he would go to Ferrari is if he could get to build road cars. If Ferrari said, 'The next five supercars you're in charge of, and you've got to build the F1 car', I think he would jump on that opportunity in a heartbeat because he likes pushing beyond what's possible."

Newey has worked on Aston Martin's Valkyrie in the past and is currently working with Red Bull on its first hypercar (RB17), so F1 cars are not the only thing in his portfolio.
There are also some other teams on the grid that could offer Newey a part in designing their road cars; however, Montoya suggests nothing is quite like Ferrari.

"He's done that Red Bull Car, which is supposed to be insane. But it's a Red Bull car, not a Ferrari. It's about the badge, whether you like it or not."