Sainz Calls For 'Reviewing' Of Dangerous Corner After Russell's Horrifying Crash

Thursday, 04 April 2024 at 18:00
carlos sainz ferrari43
Carlos Sainz called for a review of turn number 6 at Albert Park Circuit after an extremely dangerous incident between George Russell and Fernando Alonso.
The incident between the Mercedes and the Aston Martin drivers was heavily discussed during the media day ahead of the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix, as drivers didn't really have time to address the situation since the Australian Grand Prix weekend.
Carlos Sainz, who had no part in the incident, gave his two cents on the topic when he suggested that the corner at which the incident occurred should be looked at.

"Nothing to add. I just think, apart from all that, I think that corner needs to be reviewed, which is already something I said in the last driver's briefing."

"But it's not the first time that after a collision, the car comes back into the track, and it's a corner that we're doing 250 kph, and it's blind."

After George Russell crashed into the barrier at the end of the run-off area at turn six, his car bounced back in the middle of the track right behind the blind corner.
It was very dangerous, and Russell desperately called for a red flag on the team radio as soon as he could, knowing he was at tremendous risk. Fortunately, cars were now right behind, and stewards were able to warn everyone who was approaching the corner in time.
Nevertheless, the Spanish Ferrari driver feels there needs to be some kind of a change as there have been multiple dangerous incidents at the same corner in the past.

"I just don't like the last few incidents that we've seen in this corner, also in other categories. It just doesn't give me a very good feeling."

While Sainz made sure to mention that he likes the corner during qualifying and it's enjoyable to drive through, he feels something needs to be changed moving forward.

"It's a great corner, don't get me wrong. I love driving in a qualifying lap. It's just... When it comes to racing, there's been just too many examples of a car coming back onto a track and being very narrow there. And I just think it's a corner that needs to be a bit reviewed."