Russell Hints Great Progress With Confident Statements Around Mercedes's 2026 Power Unit

Sunday, 02 June 2024 at 19:38
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Formula One driver George Russell, 26, spoke confidently about Mercedes's 2026 power unit, which will be built under new regulations.
The 2026 season is looming closer every day, and all works teams (those that produce power units) are working intensely on their power units, which are suited to the new regulations.
The 2026 regulations prescribe a completely new kind of power unit that will essentially be powered only 50% by an internal combustion engine and the remaining 50% by electric motors.
2026 presents a massive challenge for everybody. However, it also presents an enormous opportunity for those who struggle to be competitive in 2024.
Mercedes, which currently stands in no man's land in the P4 of the Constructors' Championship, probably cannot wait for the change of regulations. Speaking to the media, George Russell said:

"I mean, ordinarily, 2026 seems like a long time away, but in the world of Formula 1, it's going to be here tomorrow, and the team is feeling really confident for this era."

As Russell pointed out, Mercedes is obviously a huge car manufacturing brand with an incredibly large pool of experience in various racing series.

"I think the experience the team has had, the success in 2014 with the new powertrain, and then obviously the time in Formula E, the work that was done with the Hypercar, there are a lot of individuals within HPP who have got so much experience with this future technology."

In 2014 (when F1 entered the "hybrid era"), the German team had the best power unit, and this power unit was what started the eight years of Mercedes's dominance in the sport. The 26-year-old added:

"So I think that leaves us in a really great place to have a great engine, and the work Petronas are doing on the fuel as well is looking really strong. So on the engine side, I think we're feeling very confident for that era."