RB CEO Issues Update On Lawson's Chances: 'If There Is Seat'

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 at 22:00
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Racing Bulls CEO Peter Bayer issued an update on Liam Lawson's chances of joining his F1 team after the end of the 2024 season.
Liam Lawson has been patiently sitting on the sidelines for quite a while now. Despite proving last year that he perhaps deserved a seat over some of the other drivers (in terms of results), he didn't get the chance in 2024.
With every additional year on the sidelines, the Kiwi driver's chances of joining an F1 team decrease significantly. In fact, 2025 might be his biggest and last chance.
So, how do Red Bull and RB feel about the 22-year-old? Christian Horner recently acknowledged his talent but said the priority is for two drivers who currently sit in RB cars- Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo. Peter Bayer told Speedcafe:

"It's very early days. It depends a bit on how the global market is developing. If there is change in our team, there's a big likely vote for Liam to be the one."

As it stands, Lawson seems to be the priority number one, but only if one of the current drivers changes teams or departs in some other way. So, in reality, the Kiwi is only number 3. Bayer added:

"Honestly, it's too early. You don't know how things are going at Red Bull. And when was it, when Fernando changed to Aston Martin? [It was] Like a game of chess, which was like simultaneous chess."

"Potentially could happen this year, I guess. But he's our reserve driver, we clearly said that he is our number one candidate for a seat, if there is a seat."

Helmut Marko recently revealed that the 22-year-old does have the option to join a different team if there isn't space for him in RB. Is there a chance for Lawson to be on some other team, or will he have to hope for the opportunity at RB?