'Pinch Yourself Moment': Albon Reacts To Hamilton's Shocking Change Of Teams

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 07 February 2024 at 06:00
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Alex Albon expressed how he felt once he found out Lewis Hamilton would be leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari in 2025.
Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari is a picture that almost nobody can imagine. The driver who spent a record-breaking 12 seasons with one team suddenly made a massive change at the end of his career.
No wonder this news hit everyone by surprise. Mercedes thought they had the seven-time World Champion locked, but Ferrari president John Elkann has been able to snatch the 39-year-old from the German team.
Not only that, it somehow stayed secret until the day of the announcement, which made everything even more surprising. As reported by Sky Sports, Alex Albon said:

"I was [shocked]. I have to say, I think normally we most probably get a little bit more insight to these kind of moves a week or two before the announcement gets made. But I was in Spain at that moment, and I think I was just as surprised as everyone else."

The general notion was that the Briton would finish his career in Mercedes and naturally progress into the brand ambassador role like Stirling Moss or Juan Manuel Fangio. However, he decided to make a brave move and change everything.

"It's amazing for the sport. I think the impact, the noise around Formula 1, it must be one of the biggest pieces of transfer market news in a good time, especially for F1.

Why will it be great for F1? The most successful driver in the history of the F1 joins forces with the most successful team in the history of F1 in pursuit of the record-breaking eight title and return of the booming era that the Italian team once enjoyed.
That is a story nobody would even dare to dream about. Everyone wants to know how this turns out; even people who haven't watched F1 for a long time now have a reason to start watching again. Albon added:

"So it's exciting to see and at least, for me, a little bit of a pinch yourself moment. It just seems so odd to think about Lewis in a red overall."