'Nothing Against Alonso, But': Ralf Schumacher Calls For Change

Thursday, 14 March 2024 at 21:15
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Ralf Schumacher warned Formula 1 against the issue arising at the moment, which is related to Fernando Alonso.
Fernando Alonso is currently the oldest driver on the Formula 1 grid. The Spanish Matador is 42 years old and will turn 43 this year.
On the one hand, it is incredible to see someone of Alonso's caliber still matching the pace of other young drivers and showing his immense motivation and passion for the sport.
On the other hand, as Ralf Schumacher suggests, if Formula 1 teams continue extending the contracts of older drivers and don't allow young talent to enter the sport, it might create a problem.

"Instead Alonso, now 42, is going along. Nothing against Alonso - but it can't be the goal of Formula 1 to get older and older."

"Where does it start and where does it end? Now, motorsport has caught a cold in its youth. And then it will get a cough."

Schumacher's point is that the end goal of every single driver is to end in F1. Getting there was already almost impossible, but if it becomes even more challenging and fewer rookie drivers get their opportunity, it might be "dangerous."

"If sponsors, investors, fathers no longer believe in promoting young talent because they won't get anywhere in the end. And we're talking about substantial sums of money that need to be recouped. And then at some point, no one will be interested anymore. I consider that dangerous."

However, the British teenager exceeded everyone's expectations with his performance with almost zero preparation and showed that young drivers deserve their chance. Schumacher added:

"It was very important that someone came, was thrown in and achieved a good result. Every team was almost afraid to take on new drivers. Hopefully it will lead to new drivers coming back."